December 3 2009

Press Release: J.B. Park Farm Museum Open During Wayne County Fair

Part of the exhibit depicting a typical farm kitchen of the period 1870-1930

The J. B. Park Farm Museum, located on the Wayne County fairgrounds, will be open every day during the fair, August 7-15. Operated by the Wayne County Historical Society, the museum's goal is to preserve the history of agriculture in Wayne County. To that end, the museum has sponsored various activities, such as narrated tours, an old-fashioned Homecoming Day and the establishment of the annual award "People Who Make a Difference in Wayne County Agriculture," which goes this year to Dr. James P. "Doc" Watson.

The current museum building has been in existence since 1994, after the original building collapsed under heavy snow in 1993. The display "A Day in the Life of a Wayne County Agriculture: 1870-1930" was assembled in 1996 by Peter Osborne of Historic Resource Services. The museum was named for Joseph B. Park, a former president of the Wayne County Historical Society, who for years was Vocational Agriculture Supervisor for Wayne and Pike Counties. Park was active in the affairs Wayne County Fair to answer questions about the exhibits and artifacts of many civic and farming organizations and in his early career served as an agricultural educator and founded the Vo Ag program at Pleasant Mount High School

Volunteers are on hand from 12 noon to 8 pm every day during the fair.