December 7 2012

Press Release: Plain Speaking: The Coal Connection

The "Plain Speaking" speaker at the Wayne County Historical Society this Friday, August 10, is Tom Kennedy. His "The Wayne County Coal Connection."

A great deal of Wayne County's history is connected to the discovery of coal in the Lackawanna Valley. First came the canal, next the gravity railroad and then came the steam railroads. In order to get coal to New York City and other major East Coast metropolitan areas, coal had to be transported through Wayne County.

Friday's discussion will focus on the discovery of coal, the life of a coal miner and his family, the origins of the union movement in America and the gravity railroad/steam railroad transportation connection between Wayne and Lackawanna Counties.

The "Plain Speaking" talks are free and scheduled for Fridays 5-6 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. For more information and/or a "Plain Speaking" schedule, call the Wayne County Historical Society at 570-253-3240.