December 9 2009

Press Release: Agriculture Award Presented to "Doc" Watson

(l to r) Linda Dix Lee, Mrs. Louise Watson, Dr. James P. Watson and Sally Talaga.

(l to r) Talaga, Mrs. Watson, Dr. Watson, Lee.

The annual "People Who Make a Difference in Wayne County Agriculture" Award was presented Friday, August 7, to Dr. James P. "Doc" Watson by WCHS Agriculture Committee Chair Linda Dix Lee and Executive Director Sally Talaga outside the J. B. Park Farm Museum at the Wayne County Fair. Also attending the ceremony were previous winners Ellis Dix (2003) and Clyde Eltz (2008) and Fair Board President Roger Dirlam, as well as the Watson family and members of the farming community. Dr. Watson captivated the audience with tales of his experiences as the "Flying Vet," tending to his farm animal patients via helicopter for many years. Now retired, "Doc" is working on a book about his long career as a veterinarian in Northern Wayne County.

The J. B. Park Farm Museum will be open from 12 noon to 8 pm every day through August 15, with a variety of exhibits illustrating Wayne County's agricultural heritage. For more information, call (570) 253-3240, email or visit the Wayne County Historical Society website at