December 9 2009

Press Release: "Food For Thought" Speakers

Ann O'Hara (left) and Gloria McCullough

The Forbes Hotel, first hotel, tavern, meeting hall and post office inHonesdale, located at the present site of the Hotel Wayne. Charles Forbes,its owner, played many roles in the early years of the town.

The next speakers in the Wayne County Historical Society's "Food for Thought" series of talks on historical themes will be Gloria McCullough and Ann O'Hara. Their topic is "Settlers of Early Honesdale," which will offer a picture of life in Honesdale in its early "boom town" days. From its inception around 1825, when construction of the Delaware & Hudson Canal began, to about 1850, when the cloak of respectability settled somewhat uneasily over the town, Honesdale was a rough and ready place, made up of a combination of entrepreneurs, pious settlers and brawlers. The talk begins at 30 pm on August 15 in the multi-purpose room of the Wayne County Historical Society, 810 Main St., Honesdale. For more information, call (570) 253-3240 or email