December 9 2009

Press Release: Sproson Speaks to Large Group at WCHS

Gloria McCullough (l) and Ann O'Hara.

Ken Sproson. WCHS Director Sally Talaga behind him.

Railroad aficionado Ken Sproson spoke to a large group at the Wayne County Historical Society on Saturday, August 8, the anniversary of the first run of the Stourbridge Lion. Rather than describing the familiar story of the running of the Lion in Honesdale, however, Mr. Sproson told the fascinating story of the development of the steam locomotive in England, where the Lion was built. The next program in the historical society's "Food for Thought" series will be "Settlers of Early Honesdale" by Gloria McCullough and Ann O'Hara, on Saturday, August 15, at 30 pm. For more information, call 570-253-3240 or email The Wayne County Historical Society is located at 810 Main St., Honesdale.