December 3 2011

Press Release: Becker Paintings Requested for WCHS Exhibit

Howard Becker Painting -"Riverside"

Howard Becker at his easel - a familiar Wayne County sight for many years. Here he is shown in Bethany.

A continuation of the "Wayne County Experience" theme at the Wayne County Historical Society is planned for 2012, with a new exhibit showcasing the art of Howard D. Becker (1914-1995). Mr. Becker, perhaps the most recognized contemporary artist in our county, left an extraordinary legacy through his portraits and paintings of local landscapes.

Although his work has previously been displayed at the Wayne County Historical Society, space in the new John and Helen Villaume Wing allows an exhibit of an extraordinary number of paintings. As a result of the expanded opportunity, the historical society is inviting owners of artwork by Howard Becker to lend them for this exhibit. The artwork must be in good condition, meaning that paintings are not damaged, and their surface is free of dirt, smoke, mildew and discolored varnish. The works must also be professionally framed.

If you own one or more paintings by Howard D. Becker and wish them to be considered for inclusion in this exhibit, please contact the Wayne County Historical Society at (570) 253-3240 or If the society is closed, please leave a message and your call will be returned. Please call before the society closes for the winter on December 31. The exhibit will open to the public on April 21 and hang through December 31, 2012.