December 14 2008

Press Release: Wayne County Historical Society Prepares for Grand Opening

Harry "Skip" Hillier (left), WCHS Trustee and Project Manager on the new addition, and Albert G. "Ab" Rutherford, Trustee, reflect on the work involved in planning, building and paying for the new addition.

Volunteers (l to r) Bill Mamber, Fred Murray, Dick Kreitner and Tom Colbert move a very heavy map case to its new home.

Ab Rutherford and Carol Henry Dunn confer on new exhibit, "A Walk through Wayne County History."

Dick Kreitner (center) shares a "find" from the society's archives with Sally Soden (left) and Lew Lee (right).
Staff and volunteers of the Wayne County Historical Society are working overtime preparing for the May 17 Grand Opening of its new addition. Exhibits are being assembled and artifacts, books and documents dusted off and brought from the basement of the 1860 National Historic Landmark museum to the climate-controlled storerooms in the new building. Work parties are planned for every Saturday between now and the opening, and anyone interested in volunteering should contact Director Sally Talaga at 570-253-3240 or email