December 8 2012

Press Release: Wayne County Genealogy Group

Gloria McCullough, Research Librarian at the Wayne County Historical Society, will lead the discussion at the January 26 meeting of the Wayne County Genealogy Group.

The Wayne County Genealogy Group resumes its monthly meetings Thursday, January 26, from 30 to 5:30 pm, at the Wayne County Public Library. The group, now in its sixteenth year, meets to share techniques and personal experiences in tracing family history. It became apparent early on that confining the area of discussion to Wayne County would be a mistake, since up until the late 18th century there were no families in Wayne County to trace. The meetings thus cover a wide spectrum of topics from DNA to online resources to old-fashioned digging in court houses and libraries.

Meetings are always on the fourth Thursday of each month January through October, and are held at the library during the winter months, returning to the Wayne County Historical Society in April. The topic for the January meeting will be "Connecting the Dots," a valuable technique that all too many researchers have difficulty with. WCHS Research Librarian Gloria McCullough will start the discussion with some examples of how "detective" skills help to progress from one discovery to another.

Members are invited to bring their own stories - the dots they've connected, their breakthroughs and their brick walls. With the help of the group, many of those brick walls can be smashed. For more information, contact Ann O'Hara at 570-253-5468/ or Gloria McCullough at

The meeting schedule for 2012
January 26 - Wayne County Public Library
February 23 - Wayne County Public Library
March 22 - Wayne County Public Library
April 26 - Wayne County Historical Society
May 24 - Wayne County Historical Society
June 28 - Wayne County Historical Society
July 26 - Wayne County Historical Society
August 23 - Wayne County Historical Society
September 27 - Wayne County Historical Society
October 25 - Wayne County Historical Society

All meetings start at 30 pm; beginners and experienced researchers are always welcome.