December 18 2013

Press Release: Howard Becker Paintings Needed for Second Exhibit at WCHS

"The Artistic Vision of Howard Becker" exhibit at the Wayne County Historical Society has been so successful that Guest Curator Juan Espino is planning a completely new exhibit of Becker's work for 2013. The response by owners of Becker paintings last year was extraordinary, but unfortunately space was limited and many worthy paintings had to be left out. Now the call is going out again for artwork by Howard Becker that meets the following

It must be in good condition, meaning that the painting is completely undamaged and the surface is free of dirt, smoke, mildew and discolored varnish, and professionally framed.

Due to the museum being closed for the winter and the voice mail at the museum currently being out of order please do not call the museum directly. Anyone who owns one or more Howard Becker paintings or drawings and wishes them to be considered for this major exhibit should contact the

Ann O'Hara, (570) 253-5468,

Juan Espino, (570) 226-0782, lookglas@ptd.netthe Wayne County Historical Society at 570-253-3240 (leave a message if you don't reach a human voice) or email to Leave your name, phone number and/or email address, and someone will get back to you for more information about your Becker artwork.