December 16 2011

Press Release: Photo Book Donated to Historical Society's Research Library

For the last fifteen years, the Rev. Glenn of Trees has traveled between New York City and his home at 1525 West Street in Honesdale. With an eye and appreciation for architectural details, which for many of us go unnoticed, Glenn photographed Honesdale's historic and not so historic buildings like backsides of sheds and warehouses, signs, train cars, monuments, even snubbing and hitching posts. Then, beautifully arranged them on pages in themes. One page, for example, are all of Victorian porch brackets and another is of our beautiful homes in North Main Street Historic District. The book is entitled, Honing In on Historic Honesdale and is dedicated to 100 year old Yolanda Franco "who remembers Honesdale we might honor and respect these valued treasures, as we do our elders, for the past they represent". A copy of the hard covered book was recently presented by Glenn to the Wayne County Historical Society and accepted by Sally Talaga, Director.

The Wayne County Historical Society's 810 Main Street museum and library are open Wednesday through Saturday, from 10 AM to 4 PM. In addition, the museum is open Sundays, noon to 4 PM through Columbus Day. Call 570 253-3240 or go to for more details.