December 31 2012

Press Release: Jon Tandy on Wilsonville, Under the Lake

When Pennsylvania Power and Light Company built Lake Wallenpaupack, Wilsonville, once the Wayne county seat, disappeared from view. What remains are photographs, a few maps and some urban legends. For nearly 90 years no one has seen Wilsonville. Thanks to Tafton Fire Company's side-scan sonar Wilsonville can be seen again today. Side-scan sonar uses sound waves to "paint" an image of the bottom in surprising detail, covering more area than any underwater photograph.

This Friday, August 3 from 5-6pm as part of the Wayne County Historical Societyࢀ™s "Plain Speaking" series, Jon Tandy (sonar operator for Tafton Fire Company) will present historic photographs and modern imagery to answer some common questions, such

The "Plain Speaking" programs are free and take place in the Wayne County Historical Societyࢀ™s Multi-Purpose Room at 810 Main St., Honesdale from 5 to 6pm.. For more information, call Gloria McCullough at 570-253-3240 or email her at