December 2 2009

Press Release: Jones & Roa Bios

Day 1, Honesdale

PA Rest Stop

A New Friend

On Saturday, June 6, from 30 to 5:30 pm, the Wayne County Historical Society, 810 Main St., Honesdale, will present the third In a series of free talks on the history of Wayne County. The topic this week is "The Jones and Roa Expedition," the story of two young men who retraced the route of the Delaware & Hudson Canal in 2007, described by the men themselves.

Darren Jones and Ryan Roa joined forces in June 2007 with the intention of navigating the remains of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, on foot, from its origin in Honesdale to its conclusion in Kingston, NY, a distance of 109 miles. In their own words, "The route of the canal, its life and demise, provided us with a context to investigate ideas of connection between place and time, continuity and the progression of human evolution. The canal's physical remains allowed us to link up these ideas."

An exhibit that graphically shows the route they traveled and what they found there is featured in the WCHS museum until the end of 2009. Many visitors have already enjoyed the exhibit and will want to hear about it from the protagonists. Darren and Ryan will tell the story of the trek, answer questions and in general flesh out the story told in the exhibit. Guided tours of this and the other new exhibits will be available after the talk for anyone who has not seen them.

The next scheduled talk is on June "A Stage Coach Ride from Newburgh, NY, across Wayne County," by National Park Service historian Mary Curtis.