December 14 2009

Press Release: Dorothy Kieff, Bethel, 2004

Dorothy Kieff conducts a class at a Bethel School Open House.

The first Bethel School open house of 2009 will be held on Sunday, June 21, from 1 to 4 pm. As usual, there will be a special presentation at 2 pm, when Dorothy Kieff and Jane Ganatra will introduce visitors to quilting as it was done in the days of our ancestors. Today, quilting is mostly a hobby, but in the olden days it was a necessity, and the skill and creativity shown by the women often comes as a surprise, particularly to young people, and is guaranteed to foster respect and appreciation for our ancestors, whose practicality produced the historical artwork so admired today.

The Bethel School, built ca. 1870 in Berlin Township, is preserved as it was left when it was closed in the 1950's. The school is located on Bethel School Road off Route 652, about a mile from Route 6 east of Honesdale (turn at the former Indian Orchard Grange). For more information, contact the Wayne County Historical Society, 570-253-3240, or