December 17 2008

Press Release: WAHS Honor Student Aids Historical Society

Ryan Loughran

Ryan Loughran, Wallenpaupack Area High School Honor Student and a Class of 2008 graduate, recently performed a valuable community service for the Wayne County Historical Society. Ryan spent countless hours using the high school's Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop maps of the municipal boundary changes spanning the history of Wayne County. He used the computerized system to modify the current map of Wayne County's boundaries to produce a "time lapse" series of maps that show the formation of townships and boroughs starting with the formation of Wayne County in 1798 from Northampton County, through the separation of land that became Pike County in 1814, ending with the current map of Wayne County. The maps are part of a new exhibit entitled "The Wayne County Experience" on view at the Main Street Museum in Honesdale. For more information, phone the Museum at 253-3240 or visit the web site at //