December 26 2012

Press Release: Avenger of Andersonville - Plain Speaking

Albert G. "Ab" Rutherford

This week's speaker in the Wayne County Historical Society's "Plain Speaking" series is local attorney and former Honesdale mayor Albert G. "Ab" Rutherford. The topic for Friday, June 29, is "A SOLDIER FROM BETHANY--THE AVENGER OF ANDERSONVILLE," the fascinating story of a young lawyer from Bethany who participated as a combat soldier in the Civil War. Immediately after the war ended, and as a member of the judge advocate's corps, he was assigned to investigate conditions at several Confederate prison camps, including Andersonville, the most infamous of them all. His efforts resulted in one of the most famous trials in American history. One of the witnesses was a native Wayne Countian whose testimony revealed the horrible conditions he endured at Andersonville.

The "Plain Speaking" talks are free and scheduled for 5-6 pm in the All Purpose Room. For more information and/or a "Plain Speaking" schedule, call the Wayne County Historical Society at 570-253-3240.