December 11 2008

Press Release: Old Stone Jail Open House

Dick Kreitner

The somber confines of Wayne County's Old Stone Jail will open to the public on June 7. The Wayne County Historical Society has announced that once again in 2008 the solid metal doors of the jail will be unlocked from 9 to noon on the first Saturday of each month June through October to allow visitors an opportunity to tour one of the county's most interesting historic buildings. Built in 1859, this squat stone edifice housed Wayne County's miscreants until 1935. Constructed almost entirely of rough stone, its damp, gloomy interior has been most often compared to a dungeon.

"Jailer" Dick Kreitner will be on hand to usher visitors into the nine by twelve foot cells as he relates the history of the jail and some of its more notorious occupants. He will recount the stories of the numerous jailbreaks, the hangings and even the birth of a baby girl within its somber walls. During the early history of the jail men, women and even children endured the dismal accommodations.

Admission is free (donations welcome). Visitor access to the building is possible through the cooperation of the Wayne County Commissioners. Souvenir T-shirts, pamphlets of the history of the jail and an account of the five hangings that took place in Wayne County are offered for sale. For more information please call the Wayne County Historical Society at (570) 253-3240 or visit their website at