December 15 2009

Press Release: Deadline Looms for Cardiff Giant Trip

Deadline for reservations is May 23.

The Cardiff Biblical Giant, Ancient Statue or Hoax? The Farmers Museum in Cooperstown is one of the destinations of the Wayne County Historical Society's bus trip on Sunday, June 7, and the home of the famed Cardiff Giant, unearthed in Upstate New York in 1869. It was speculated that he was a petrified giant or perhaps an ancient statue. Others suspected a hoax. For more information about the trip to Cooperstown to see the giant, the rest of the magnificent Farmers Museum and the Fenimore Art Museum, contact the Wayne County Historical Society at 570-253-3240, or stop in at the museum at 810 Main St., Honesdale, between 10 am and 4 pm Wednesday through Saturday. Deadline for reservations is May 23.