December 17 2011

Press Release: First Jail Open House of 2011

Jailer Dick Kreitner (right) tells the tale of the Old Stone Jail to Conal Gillespie, a visitor from Brooklyn, NY.

In celebration of its first open house of the 2011 summer season, the Old Stone Jail crew will host a "Jailhouse Punch & Cookies" party at the jail on Saturday, June 4, from 10 am to 1 pm. Sweet Eden has created special Jailhouse Cookies for the occasion, and Dick Kreitner and his "deputies" will as usual be leading tours through the jail built in 1859, complete with stories of famous and eccentric prisoners, escape attempts and even a baby born in captivity.

Thanks to the generous cooperation of the Commissioners of Wayne County, the Wayne County Historical Society is able to present these enjoyable and educational tours free of charge, but donations are always welcome, and a choice selection of souvenir items is available, including T-shirts, Old Stone Jail ornaments, pamphlets detailing each of the hangings in Wayne County's history and copies of the best-selling book "Murder, Mayhem and Sundry Misadventures in Wayne County, Pennsylvania."

The jail, located between the Wayne County Court House and 10th Street in Honesdale, will be open the first Saturday of every month June through October 1. For more information, contact the Wayne County Historical Society, 570-253-3240 or