December 29 2007

Press Release: WCHS Trustees

(back row, l to r) Wayne Wilcha (President), Tom Colbert, Harry "Skip" Hillier, Matthew Meagher, Peggy Murphy, Linda Dix Lee
(front row, l to r) Carol Henry Dunn (1st VP), Judy Poltanis, Ann O'Hara, Elaine Herzog (2nd VP), Juan Espino, Joan Litzenbauer (Treasurer), Ab Rutherford

Absent when photo was taken were: Ryan Haller, Ann Kovatch, Ann Schweighofer (Secretary), Dave Williams.

The Wayne County Historical Society's Board of Trustees posed for their annual picture after their meeting on May 17. New to the WCHS board this year are Thomas Colbert, Ryan Haller and Albert Rutherford. Officers for the coming year

Wayne Wilcha
1st Vice Carol Henry Dunn
2nd Vice Elaine Herzog
Ann Schweighofer
Joan Litzenbauer