December 24 2000

Press Release: Historical Society to Expand Main Building

President Harry (“Skip”) Hillier announced at the Wayne County Historical Society’s
recent Annual Dinner, the Board of Trustees’ decision to expand their main building at
810 Main Street, Honesdale. A five year fund raising effort has already begun to raise the
estimated $500,000 necessary to complete this approximate 5,000 square feet project. Member’s of the Board has already pledges $70,000.

Once completed this expansion will provide but is not limited
Increase of 570 square feet to the research library which is extremely overcrowded especially during the summer months when out of towners visit to do genealogy research.

More efficient use of existing library storage with the use of high-density storage units. The area is currently full.

Increase security of library collections including County records

Create a 910 square feet environmentally controlled collections storage area replacing the existing substandard storage area in the basement

Create a multipurpose room with seating for 45 with audiovisual capability and easy access to research library. No space with this capacity currently exists for public programming within the building.

Increase of 830 square feet of exhibit space. This will enable more of the museum’s collections to be on display at one time. In addition, items requiring a lot of wall space such as quilts will be able to be displayed on site.

Provides handicapped access to entire facility

Eliminates all building and fire code violations present in existing buildings

Adds a much needed second bathroom

Provide space for future “History Lab” for school groups. This is a “hands on” experience that has been very successful elsewhere in making history “come alive” for students.

Upgrade current heating/cooling system by providing duct work for HVAC system for entire facility so important for the preservation of the society’s collections and visitor/staff comfort

Wayne County Historical Society’s President, “Skip Hillier and Director, Sally Talaga
presented a scale model and project plans to Wayne County Commissioners on Tuesday,
November 14th in hopes that a letter of support from the Commissioners would be written which would help the Society’s fund raising and grant seeking efforts.