December 19 2007

Press Release: 'Cub' Breathes Again

Right cylinder under repair

Parking brake engaged

Ready to light!

Fire for the first time in 10 years.

Bill Mamber posing next to the engine.

Paul Talaga getting pulled by the 'Cub'!

Firing on stands.

Bill Mamber monitoring engine.

Motion was sustained for 1.5 hours.

Good fire and good pressure.


View of interior tubes. (Actual Lion did NOT have tubes)
The 1/8th scale model of the Stourbridge Lion recently acquired by the museum awoke after 10 years of sleeping. This fall the Live Steam Stourbridge Lion members brought the 'Cub' down the the Pennyslvania Live Steamers where they learned how to fire and run this little engine. Even with its slight modernization the primitive engine was a handful to keep running leaving Paul Talaga stranded a mile away from the yard. The probable cause being old coal and lack of experience.

Having acquired new 'Pocohantas' coal the 'Cub' was fired on stands by Paul Talaga and Bill Mamber. The goal of the day was to learn how this new coal burt and how to keep the engine moving for an extended period of time. Using properly sized 'Pocohantas' coal the members were able to sustain motion for an hour and a half! Although the wheels did not have any added friction to simulate pulling itself and riders, the running was deemed a success. Below are videos and pictures of the 'Cub' at the PA Live Steamers, running on stands, and movement demonstration at the Holiday Open House.

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