December 25 2007

Press Release: 2007 Holiday Open House a Success

Guests enjoying the holiday snacks.

Elaine Herzog, Ann Kovach, Skip Hillier, Ann O'Hara, and Gloria McCullough.

Skip Hillier giving a tour of the new addition
(still under construction).

Ab Rutherford with guests.

Bill Mamber and Paul Talaga demonstrated the operation of the 'Cub' Lion model.

Sally Talaga in middle with guests.

Guests in the cut glass exhibit.

Linda Lee and Juan Espino

Laura Talaga, Sally Rutherford, Ab Rutherford, and Judy Poltanis

Bill Mamber watches Sally Rutherford play holiday music.

Rachel Bakota serving warm cider.
In the evening of November 24th, 2007 the Wayne County Historical society hosted their annual Holiday Open House. The museum opened their doors to the public with free admission, holiday snacks, and tours of the new addition. See below for pictures from the event.