December 3 2011

Press Release: Jail 'N' Bail at Old Stone Jail

A typical cell in the historic Old Stone Jail, where candidates will be locked up on October 15.

The old Stone Jail opens for business again on Saturday, October 15, when the Wayne County Historical Society will host a "Jail 'n' Bail" event featuring county-wide candidates on the November ballot. A "warrant" has been issue for the candidates, and they will have to "go to jail" for one hour in order to raise $100 bail for the historical society. When the bail is raised, they will be granted "time served" and be free to go.

The candidates will report to the jail with only a cell phone and a list of "bail bondsmen" to call to help them raise the money. They will also have the option of using their "Get out of jail free" cards when they arrive by presenting the entire amount of the bail to Sheriff Dick Kreitner. Photos of the candidates will be taken when bail is raised so there is evidence that their records are clean and they have successfully helped the Wayne County Historical Society.

The historical society and the candidates invite witnesses to the Old Stone Jail, located between the court house and 10th Streets in Honesdale, on October 15 beginning at 10 am to see their favorite candidates "locked up" and help them raise money for the Wayne County Historical Society.