December 19 2009

Press Release: WCHS Brownscombe Talk ends 2009 Series

Jennie Brownscombe

The final talk in the Wayne County Historical Society's "Food for Thought" series for 2009 is scheduled for Saturday, October 31, at 30 pm in the multi-purpose room at 810 Main Street. The speaker will be the society's Executive Director Sally Talaga, and her topic is "WCHS's Works of Art by Jennie Brownscombe." Jennie Brownscombe was born on Cliff Street, Honesdale, in 1850 and became a prominent artist of her day, specializing in historic topics like her famous "First Thanksgiving" painting, which hung in so many classrooms, and "The Peace Ball." One of the few female artists to make a living in the 19th and early 20th centuries, often returned to Honesdale and is buried in Glen Dyberry Cemetery. The Wayne County Historical Society has a large collection of Jennie Brownscombe's works. For more information on the talk or Jennie Brownscombe, visit the Wayne County Historical Society, 815 Main St., Honesdale, open Wednesday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, call or email 570-253-3240 or or visit their website at