December 28 2011

Press Release: 2011 WCHS Ornamet

The Wayne County Historical Society joins in the celebration of the Honesdale National Bank's 175th birthday with the release of this year's ornament depicting the bank. Price for the ornament, as in previous years, is $17.50 (+ PA sales tax).

The Honesdale Bank opened its doors in 1836, with Richard L. Seely as its first president. Although its name has been changed, the Honesdale National Bank has provided 175 years of continuous service to the Wayne County community through wars, booms and depressions.

The collectible ornament is available at the Wayne County Historical Society Museum Shop, 810 Main St., Honesdale, as well as the following local Wayne County Public Library, 1406 N. Main St., Honesdale; Hanson Gallery & Decorium, 1037 Main St., Honesdale; Wallflower, 513 Main St., Honesdale; Looking Glass Art Gallery, 229 Main Ave., Hawley; Stephens Pharmacy, 1101 Main St., Honesdale; Wayne County Court House, 925 Court St., Honesdale; Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, 32 Commercial St., Honesdale; Morning Glory Gifts, 617 Main St., Honesdale.

The ornament (and a selection of previous years' designs) can also be ordered from the historical society's website, For more information, stop in at the museum Wednesday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm or call or email 570-253-3240 or