December 31 2008

Press Release: 2008 Historic Preservation Awards

Back Row (l to r) - Alan Kehoe, Albert Rutherford
Middle Row (l to r) - Kay Stephenson, Sharon Carroll, Gloria McCullough, Ann O'Hara, Wayne Wilcha, Raul Vega, Juan Espino
Front Row (seated, l to r) - Thomas Colbert, Regina Coyne, Linda Dix Lee, Michael Levine

543 Hudson Street, Hawley

730 Hudson Street, Hawley

The Fainting Goat

The Way It Was
Staff and volunteers of the Wayne County Historical Society are working overtime preparing for the May 17

Grand Opening of its new addition. Exhibits are being assembled and artifacts, books and documents dusted off and brought from the basement of the 1860 National Historic Landmark museum to the climate-controlled storerooms in the new building. Work parties are planned for every Saturday between At an open house on Saturday, October 25, the Wayne County Historical Society hosted its 2008 Historic Preservation Awards. Wayne Wilcha, President of the society's board of trustees, presented plaques and congratulations to the

Alan Kehoe and Thomas Colbert, for preservation of the house at 730 Hudson Street, Hawley.

Regina Coyne, for the preservation and adaptive reuse of the building at 144 Savitz Road, Hamlin (The Fainting Goat).

Raul Vega and Michael Levine, for restoration of the house at 543 Hudson Street, Hawley.

Linda Dix Lee, for her book, "The Way It Was," the story of David William Dix.

Also present were members of the WCHS Historic Preservation Committee Juan Espino (Chair), Albert Rutherford, Kay Stephenson, Sharon Carroll, Gloria McCullough and Ann O'Hara. Before the awards presentation, Ms. McCullough briefly eulogized committee member Floyd Schnakenberg, who died recently. After the ceremony and refreshments, guests enjoyed a tour of the expanded museum led by Harry ("Skip") Hillier, society trustee and chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.